So what is it you need to know when it comes to making that right decision on your new machine?

Have you been lead up the garden path before?

I have heard stories over the years and it seems like everyone is after the cheapest, most spectacular, nothing can go wrong deal of a lifetime (when it comes to photocopiers). If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is, many people have been lured into thinking they are getting an amazing deal and 9 times out of 10 it’s hogwash! So I’m going to give you my personal opinion of my top 10 tips for a new contract.

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Tip Number 1. The Salesman

The Salesman! Now this I think is quite important (after being a salesman myself). If you don’t like the salesman then it’s safe to say, it’s the end of the road for them! However, if you do like them, then this speaks volumes for the company. This person is a reflection of who will potentially become the supplier of your new machine. Contracts can range between 3 and 5 years so you want to pick the right company. You want someone who is going to listen to your needs and requirements, you want someone you can rely on. There is a saying “never judge a book by its cover.” Well in this case do judge, you don’t want to regret signing a contract 6 months down the line.

Tip Number 2. The Company

When picking a company you will normally get 2 quotes from 2 different companies, this is where you’ll select a high profile company because of their name and one you have researched yourself. Let’s start with the largest company, these companies are always on the list, it’s like going shopping and ignoring the big three supermarkets, you just wouldn’t.

Lets start with the big company. What does it have? First of all it’s the name! You go for the name, why wouldn’t you be attracted to this? They are big for a reason, they are global, they have new machines every year and offer you early upgrades. While all this sounds appealing, you forget the non UK based call centres, the waiting time to get an engineer, the lack of personal touch and consideration for your business. To the larger company you are a number in the system.

Now the company you have spent hours of your time researching and looking for what matters to your company most. This company isn’t global, it also gets the exact machines the big companies get, and more! Because they are brand agnostic. It has the same facilities as the larger company, it has a UK based call centre where you’ll get to know the staff and most of all you wont be a number in the system. You’ll be a valued customer.

Tip Number 3. The Machine

Selecting a machine that best suits your needs and requirements is very important! I have seen many schools and businesses with machine’s that aren’t suited to their way of printing.

angry with printer

Be it a machine that’s too high of a spec or too low, it could be anything.

There are many ways to decide on what machine best suits your business. I am going to tell you the only one you need to know. Have a free print audit and your problems are solved, this will enable us to come in and do a reading of your machine, then come back in a month’s time to see how the machine is being used. With this accurate information it enables us to see what is being used where, in colour? in mono? A3? A4? Whatever it is we will see how the machine is used and offer you what we think will fit your needs and desires.

Tip Number 4. Where Are They?

Call out time is very important to everyone, it is one of the most important things to customers barring price and reliability.

where are they
Where are they?

I suppose call out times would come under reliability because if your machine breaks down you want someone to be quick and responsive so your machine is up and running in the quickest possible time. Machine downtime can be very costly to a company. Please check out more info on our service and maintenance package.

The company you decide to have a contract with should have a minimum call out time so it shouldn’t matter where they are based. If you feel the need to, then ask for references from their customers to see if these times are accurate.

Tip Number 5. What do you want?

What do you want the machine to do, what accessories do you need? Do you want colour or mono? Make sure you are very clear on what you want your machine to do for you before committing to anything. You are the customer, our aim is to get you the best possible solution.

What do you want hand writing with a black marker on a transparent

Make sure you know the ins and outs of the contract, ask about additional costs, ask about anything you are unsure of. Once you are signed up to a contract be it 36 months or 60, you’ll be tied into this agreement.

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