Creating sustainable earth is important to each and every person on the planet, whether they will admit it or not.  There are many reasons going green is important, lowering utility bills to stopping the effects of global warming. What is the most important reason? 

There is no right or wrong answer, any reason to go green is why we should go green.

Going green has several positive effects for the environment. It contributes to cleaner water, cleaner air and preserves natural resources and reduce the impact of Global Warming.

Who Left The Light On?

Going green doesn’t only help the environment it can help all of us in many ways too! Huge savings on energy costs! Simply by switching off electrical appliances such as your TV, PC,Consoles and switching off lights when not needed can drastically reduce your businesses / homes energy consumption. I thought it was completely normal to leave everything plugged in. TV on standby, lights left on all day and all night I got slightly better with age but then I met my father in-law. Now if you ask him if he wants to save the planet he would probably say “Why should I?” But what he doesn’t know is that he already is.

I have learnt through him to always switch the TV off (never leave it on for the dog), to switch all the lights out when leaving a room, wear extra layers instead of turning on the heating(because we bought him a slanket). Now to him this isn’t saving the planet or Going Green, this is him being tight and wanting to save money. I have always be frivolous when it comes to money and turning off appliances but now with his subconscious help (not nagging, well maybe a bit) I am now greener than I have ever been.

switch off your lights

If everyone thought about Going Green it wouldn’t be because of nagging in-laws it would be because you want to save the planet. I think now we need more nagging in-laws, family members and friends… We can all help each other if we have a little moan about this light here and that light there. Another good one is lights! Greener alternatives are CFL’s and LED’s. I do not hear the end of how great they are from my father in-law. “Look how much these are to run compared to the old bulbs.” “How many watts!!””Saving a fortune on electricity”. I don’t think my father in-law is the only one out there to have said these things, if we all listened to this we might just make a positive contribution to a greener future

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