We regularly work with schools, and the COVID lockdowns have had a huge impact on schools. We wanted to share the perspective of a student (the son of our director) actually trying to study during this trying time.

I am a 16-year-old boy and I am currently doing BTEC triple business in my first year of sixth form at my school. Unlike most secondary school kids this is my first year of online learning at school, because, like year 11, when the lockdown was announced, my exams got cancelled so I didn’t have any school.

The first lockdown was very relaxed but also boring for me. I could not go out, could not see my friends and had absolutely nothing to do, not even football to watch! Eventually, restrictions eased and I was, thankfully, able to go out slightly more and, of course, football was back which was a saviour for me.

I started year 12 with an open mind and I was excited to go into a new subject about something I was interested in (unlike most of my other years at school), and for some weird reason, I was excited to be in school!

The first 3 months of sixth form were relatively easy and not too challenging for me because business is quite a chilled subject without copious amounts of work in a short period of time. Not like A-level lessons which I did not hear the end of from other students. I was managing my coursework well, finishing it on time and having a good time at school every day.

online study

Skip ahead to now. COVID hit and lockdown 3 is here. My first-time online learning, for the most part, has been quite easy. I have a maximum of three lessons a day and each one is short and relaxed. Even though online learning is much harder for me personally, I am still not finding it too difficult. Probably because I do not have a lot of work and have a ridiculous amount of time on my hands. However, I consider myself lucky, as most of my friends are doing A-level subjects, which are much more challenging and demanding. They have 5 lessons a day and have constant work to do in between, whereas for me, I find myself sat around all day not knowing what to do and am often bored out of my mind!

online studying

Although learning online is stressful and different. I cannot interact with my friends and teachers (unless it is pixilated of course). It is not as disastrous as I thought it would be, I am finding myself going out for walks more, doing more exercise and doing different things I would not have whilst I was at school! However, as I said, I consider myself lucky given many of my friends are finding it extremely difficult and stressful working at home and learning online. All they can think about is how much they want to be back at school, living a normal life.

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