Gemini Office Solutions has become one of the first print management companies in the country to offer its printer clients a fully certifiable reforestation programme, via a partnership with PrintReleaf – click here

PrintReleaf is a software platform that empowers businesses to be truly ‘green’ by automatically converting its paper footprint into actual trees. Gemini’s customers can now reforest their paper consumption by planting an equivalent volume of trees in certified forestry projects around the world.

“We continually monitor the market to bring our clients the latest products. In PrintReleaf we believe we have located the most effective partner in the industry offering an accredited, responsible service and the first automated global reforestation platform for paper-based products. We are excited to be in a position to share their technology with our existing and future customer base, as well as their vision and passion— this will make a difference.”

Gemini Office Solutions Director, Warren Levison

PrintReleaf’s patented technology measures total paper consumption and converts that total into an equivalent number of trees which are then automatically and certifiably planted around the world.

Gemini Office Solutions and its customers can choose their reforestation sites and track their ongoing impact from their own online PrintReleaf portal.

Rylan Macvey, PrintReleaf’s Director of Business Development, said: “PrintReleaf is excited to partner with Gemini Office Solutions and its clients. Gemini’s commitment to offering environmentally friendly solutions and growing client base makes it an ideal partner to expand PrintReleaf’s footprint. We look forward to growing and planting more trees with Gemini Office Solutions and its customers.”

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