What makes Gemini’s Service different?

Gemini’s service is possibly the best in the world! Probably not a great start to any blog, however some would say its pretty close.

Our approach to you the customer and our service contracts separate us out from our competition.  We are brand agnostic and so we have no vested interest in pushing one brand above another, unless there is good technical reason.  Our contract service approach also means we can be proactive and prevent downtime etc.

How can I describe the service we provide without sounding over the top or extremely arrogant? Nevertheless, I’m about to see if that’s possible! Stay tuned.

What makes for a good service contract?

It’s not a rhetorical question, I would really like to know what you want to get from a service contract. Is it reliability? Likeable staff? Call out time frame? Whats included? Price? How long the contract is? Parts & labour? Friendly staff? Helpful office staff? Getting through to us?

The list can go on and on…

Have you ever had a service nightmare!?

What’s your worst experience? Engineers not turning up? No parts available? Unable to resolve issue? As a result many companies seek a new maintenance contract because of these common problems.

We have call response time of 4 hours, what does that entitle me too I hear you ask? – Less machine downtime = staff able to print that invoice = sending it to their customer in timely fashion = customer paying the invoice sooner = better cash flow.

When a machine does go down we have found we can resolve the problem in an average time of 1.5 hours once engineer is on site.

Above all we are extremely proud of our company’s service programme, as a result we have found our customers to recommend us to other businesses therefore our service is the best in the world… Well almost.

Hot Line Engineer – Customer Help desk.

Our UK based help desk provides constant support from our experienced technical staff. They have constant access to the product technical database. Above all this allows us to instantly diagnose the problem, resulting in our team solving any issue.

With the increase in network connectivity and document management solutions this facility is fast becoming an invaluable service to our customers. Our help desk database is constantly being developed and expanded by our technical staff in order to reduce repetitive fault investigation.

Preventative Maintenance.

man kicking printer

What is preventative maintenance? It’s an ongoing programme, enabling machines to be serviced and parts to be replaced on a regular basis. Above all preventative maintenance is based on machine usage rather than units of time. Therefore this ensures the optimum level of preventative maintenance on all machines what ever the level of usage.

Furthermore, I have found that many machines tend to fault as they are not compatible with the companies usage.

This means it’s time for a new solution because you are creating more waste or your companies workload has increased.

Products and Services that Reduce Environmental Impacts.

We sell products and services that transform the way our customers work. In so doing, we are minimising their environmental impacts while also raising their operational efficiency and productivity.

Our products and services make our customers’ jobs easier and more enjoyable while also shrinking their environmental footprints. Our products and services offer outstanding economic and environmental value.

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