Because the WorkForce Enterprise printer (The Enterprise) combines ultra-fast performance, ultra-low energy consumption and minimal servicing requirements it makes it one of the most formidable machines on the market.

You can reduce service and maintenance costs with this reliable, greener alternative that helps you efficiently maintain your machines. The Enterprise keeps intervention to a minimum and servicing costs low because of Epson’s PrecisionCore linehead inkjet technology, high capacity inks and efficient paper transport, the Enterprise keeps intervention to a minimum and servicing costs low.

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Adapt With Your Customers

As a customer you can benefit from workflow solutions. Add value beyond hardware, beyond supplies and beyond service margins with Epson Open Platform. This is a web-based application that connects The Enterprise to a variety of software solutions.

Gemini can offer the support of a powerful, easy to use fleet management solution which gives you the ability to manage your printer fleet centrally. Because of Epson’s Device Admin it will increase productivity and reduce costs. Ensure business-critical information remains confidential and secure with Epson Document Capture Suite and Email Print for Enterprise.

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Minimal Intervention

The WorkForce Enterprise is engineered for Precision

As a result using Epson’s reliable PrecisionCore technology, The Enterprise reduces the need for intervention, maintenance and repair. It prints using a contactless, cool process so it uses a small number of parts. Because there are fewer points of failure and no need to replace maintenance items such as drums, fusers and developers, allowing you to utilise your service engineers more efficiently.

Further more with high capacity inks and fewer parts to replace, The Enterprise drastically reduces the wastage associated with ink cartridges. This helps your customers meet their supply chain objectives, through lowering their carbon footprint for both logistics and energy usage.

laser vs inkjet in terms of parts

Finally for more information on our products and pricing do not hesitate to get in touch.

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