Eco-responsible Printing – Re-inventing printers to save the planet

I have worked in the printing industry since 2010 and have not seen many changes when it comes to laser printers. With their high energy usage, high carbon footprint, copious amount of waste created it is not a good look for the future with it having such a huge impact on our planet especially with all the pollution levels at an all time high there are ways we can make a change.

Now to get technical, but not too technical:

There are three simple steps to Inkjet printers

1. Receiving the print job
2. Paper passing under the printer head
3. Print job out

With a laser printer there are EIGHT STEPS!! EIGHT!

1. Receive job
2. Preheat the fuser to 200°C approx
3. Charge the photoreceptor drum
4. Laser exposure
5. Development
6. Toner transfer
7. Fusing
8. Print out

Business inkjet printers use an elegantly simple mechanism that prints without heating or contact. These unique features enable inkjet technology to deliver a performance beyond just high speed and image quality printing.

Which printer would you rather have?

If you had the choice of the two there would be no competition, the inkjet has a lower energy usage, a lower carbon footprint whilst creating minimal waste compared to the laser printer with higher energy usage, higher carbon footprint and a huge amount of waste.

rips bags vs laser toner pic

If you were asked, if you could, would you want to do your bit for the planet? The obvious answer is yes, yes you would want to do your bit and you can if you choose to use Inkjet printers.

Figures speak for themselves, they have and always will, Epson inkjet printers have up to 96% less energy consumption and up to 94% less waste! As I said these figures speak volumes and will continue to do so. Inkjet printers use no heat in the printing process, so they consume far less power than laser printers, this reduces the running costs which will allow you to allocate these savings elsewhere. It’s a win for you and the planet.

Gemini are now glad to announce that we have become an Epson partner who are global company who have been in the professional printing business for over 40 years with a firm focus on innovation for the future, combined with the expertise that is Gemini we hope to make a greener future for printing not only across the UK but over Europe too.

If every business in Europe made the switch and decided to use Epson Business Inkjet printers the reduction in CO2 would be the equivalent to the volume absorbed by 26.9 million trees!

Give us a call if you want more information on copiers or our service packages.

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Eco-responsible Printing. Want to see how you can print and still save the planet?