Inkjet Printers instead of Laser? What!? Why!? I hear you ask!

First of all, most people would think, “what’s the point”? why even bother with such an exercise? Before I get started, let me ask you, does your company like saving money? Does your company like saving on their energy bills? Do you and your company want to save the planet? If all three of these point to yes then you may as well stick around and read on. The point of this blog is to show all who read this that Inkjet is the future!

For those who are calling Inkjet slow, take a look at the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 it is the first MFP in this new line. It prints and copies at up to 100ipm ISO in both mono and colour. It includes the four standard functions of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The Enterprise (WF-C20590) uses the PrecisionCore inkjet technology, a high-density print chip that can generate up to 40 million precise dots per second.

WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590

The Enterprise (WF-C20590) includes all the same features found in other Epson devices plus more advanced features, such as a maximum 5,350-sheet capacity, optional finisher and five ink replacement cartridges. It can be a good buy for large companies looking to maximise colour multi-functionality but want to keep operating costs low.


If you put an inkjet and laser side-by-side I certainly think everyone would see a very clear picture! (No print pun intended there) You would see lower power consumption, faster first print out, less wastage, less consumables and more!

I personally think Inkjet is going to be the gift that just keeps on giving! The Enterprise (WF-C20590) almost certainly proves that fact, it produces less wastage than lasers because a single cartridge can print 100,000 mono and 50,000 colour prints without replenishing the inks!

Even when it comes to smaller machines, the Workforce Pro WF-C8690DWF is far superior. This machine can print 11,500 mono and 8,000 colour without changing the ink!

Workforce Pro WF-C8690DWF

Compare the amount of prints per cartridge you get on an inkjet than you do a laser. A standard toner cartridge on a mid-range laser printer has the ability to print 2,000 pages, you can compare this to the 24ppm machine I mentioned earlier. You would have to change the toner six times on a standard 35ppm laser printer, whereas the Inkjet would only need changing once.

Did you know?

After rent and payroll, printing is commonly known as the 3rd most expensive pay out businesses have.

If every business in the UK switched to Inkjet there would be a saving of 30,000 tonnes of waste. WorkForce Pro printers produce up to 94% less waste than lasers and laser copiers. The Buyers Laboratory’s test also found that the Epson Workforce Pro RIPS models can produce up to 99% less waste! Take a look at my Eco-Responsible printing for less.

Should every business in the UK switch to Inkjet the C02 reduction would be equivalent to the volume absorbed by at least 5 million trees? These cleaner technologies provide a greener alternative to laser devices, they are also 23% quieter so less noise pollution too!

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